– spferdberg

Long ago, a spider came
Across a swampy valley.
Found a town that was just three
Houses and an alley.

Tasty humans crawled around,
Panicking and shrieking,
Hungry spider was confused:
Food buffets are freaking?

Hastily it went away,
To a nearby mountain,
Had to find another meal,
Tourists aren’t counting.

Chanced upon a spider girl,
Witty and attractive.
Eight-legged civilization things
Came into perspective.

Mineshaft full of working folk,
Busy and distracted,
Spider laughed and ate them all,
Soldiers were contracted.

Suddenly a hero stood
Grinning on the bedrock,
Wielding shiny diamond arms,
Offspring of the townsfolk.

Hungry spider, angry man
And a score to settle.
Maybe you can guess who won
This historic battle.

Dagger ‘tween the eyeballs and
Claws on human faces,
Things got out of hand quite fast,
Caves are violent spaces.

Duel in the dark, the odds
Even and in balance.
Hero waved about his sword
‘Tween two fearful seconds.

Wounded beast collapsed and slid
From a small protrusion,
As this hungry spider’s tale
Comes to its conclusion.

Glorious day of victory,
Massive celebration,
Carcass in the central square,
Death of spider nation.

Laughing people posing with
Boots on dead beast’s forehead.
How could God create a wild
Animal so horrid?

Cornucopia’s oldest town,
Honest and medieval,
Once infested, now reclaimed,
Free from beasts primeval.


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