– spferdberg

O merry the farmer
Who never forgets,
What you take from the land
Is just temporarily yours.

He greets the old dog
Who sits on his steps,
For he too understands,
What’s given is given for good.

The clock on the shelf
Sings a salute
To the scars on his hands,
But the rhythm is peaceful at last.

Summer will come
On a horse that won’t kneel,
And the smallest of grains
Is delightful to hold in his hands.


– spferdberg

Winged you stand
On top of the hill,
The glowing river beneath your feet.

The eternal streams,
That fall from the hill,
You watch over them, day and night.

Without them we’d thirst,
And our crops would be bleak,
But you bless the streams, and we see it.

With firm grip you hold
The torch high and bold,
That enlightens the town we recieved.

Bless the villagers with hope!
They’ll fight in the swamp,
Faithful they’ll have what they need.


– spferdberg

Shovel! Shovel! Disembowel!
Carnage rotten carcass calls.
Know thy past, forget thy future!
Follow flags as freedom falls!

Taste the tension in the trenches,
See the liquid air explode!
Pure sensation, putrid stenches,
As the human laws erode.

Chilling nights in silent flicker,
Sugar for the animal.
Choking on strategic challenge,
Losses will be minimal.

Loden coat, caress my shoulders!
Gentle blood bath, freshen me!
Boldly butch’ring for my kingdom,
Ostracize anatomy!

I will make thee meet thy maker,
Gnawing at thy bare entrails.
Split the second, bite the bullet!
Power outage, mission fails.


– spferdberg

“Begone thy baneful spell!” I clepe,
I will not even bother.
My treasure-ladden bag is full,
I cannot take another.

A precious stone, it greets my eye,
Just there beyond the chasm.
Collecting and retrieving it
Becomes a wild phantasm.

A monkey rideth pickaback,
Temptation is a rotter!
And still my mind congratulates,
I am a skillful spotter.

The greed within presents itself
As merry a companion.
A wise man knows, behind it hides
A devil in a canyon.

In reaching out my trembling hand,
I praise my past endeavours.
“Tarnation and Dodgast!” methinks,
And fall into the crevice.


– spferdberg

Spider Frank was fast and friendly,
Speedy and sincere.
You could give him things to carry,
He would bring them here.

Cobblestone to Little Island,
Jungle Trees to Spider Town,
Homemade bread to hungry travellers,
He would never let us down.

Always keen on looking spiffy,
Saddles, Ee and Aw!
A to B right in a jiffy,
Load and heave and ho!

Then, one night, a greenish devil
Crept along the twilit farm.
Snickered mean, the ever sneaky,
As he snuck into the barn.

Spider Frank was unsuspicious,
Couldn’t hear the hissing beast.
He died in the line of duty,
Carrying the baker’s yeast.

Hitherto Old Frank had never
Met a thing as devious.
Blown to bits, he’ll be remembered
Like no donkey previous.

People say he had it coming,
That he’d been an easy prey.
Spider Frank was our dear friend,
And our friends we wish to stay.

Spider Frank was fast and friendly,
Speedy and sincere.
Mem’ries of a fallen comrade,
We will hold them dear.